Are you getting caught with the hassles of business operations?

Focus on your core business objectives while we provide solutions for your operational challenges

Strategic Business Execution

Do you have a business idea and wondering where to start? Or, is your business at a juncture which calls for a strategic brand building? Whether you are starting a new business line or setting up a branch office across border, you require a stage-by-stage execution & operations plan that will allow you to focus on development without taking a toll on the existing business.

Our experience coupled with our market knowledge enables us to chalk out your development with ease. With our consultation service, you can:

- set short and long-term goals
- establish performance indicators such as costs, customer satisfaction, quality
- create new strategies and timelines

We specialize in fund procurement, business establishment, day-today operations management and human resource management.

Fund Procurement: Our business network and association with various firms & financial institutions that provide capital investments for business operations will aid is faster procurement of funds. We understand the process involved in fund procurement completely and therefore can guide you with the steps proactively. In addition to fund procurement, we also work with you in the process of capital estimation, milestones and other check points.

Business Establishment: Whether is a new business establishment or setting up a new branch, we provide consultation service for seamless operations and execution. UWP L.L.C also consults in areas like business plan development. We help you understand the key market drivers and package your value propositions by leveraging your core competencies to result in sustainable growth and profitability. Our consultation begins with market research & analysis, location scouting, logistics and facilities management.

HRM Consulting: We believe that human resource is the back bone of any business. The process of human resource management is as critical as the core competency of business. UWP specializes in recruitment of professional staffs, contract staffs, training and development in addition to other HR related activities like pay-roll processing. This specialization enables us to provide the best feasible solution for your business requirement.